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How to weld a thin metal cover to a thicker steel pipe by using MIGW or flux-cored gas shielded welding

reason analysis: if the welding current cannot be adjusted correctly during welding, two situations may occur: one is to reduce the welding current to prevent the thin metal from burning through. at this time, the thin metal cover cannot be welded to the thick steel pipe; the other is welding excessive current will burn through the thin metal cover.

solution: ① adjust the welding current to avoid burning through the thin metal cover. at the same time, use the welding torch to preheat the thick steel pipe, and then use the thin plate welding process to weld the two metal structures. ②adjust the welding current to suit the welding of thick steel pipes. when welding, keep the residence time of the welding arc on the thick steel pipe at 90% and reduce the residence time on the thin metal cover. it should be pointed out that only when you are proficient in this technology can you get a good welded joint.

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welded steel pipe, steel pipe welding, steel pipe manufacturing
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