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Lengths and Ends of Pipes


length of pipes

the terms used to designate the length of steel pipes are:

srl" (single random length): means that the pipe has any random size between 5-7 meters;  generally, pipes below 2 inches in diameter are manufactured with srl, i.e. shorter (or half measures) of larger bore pipes.

drl" (double random length): meaning that the pipe has any random size between 11-13 meters. pipes above 2 inches in diameter are available in drl size.

cut lengths: pipes are cut according to project specifications. custom sizes are used to save welding costs at the installation site.

the term random" refers to the fact that the pipe mill can control that the pipe length is between a min-max value, but cannot control the exact length of every single pipe (which will be variable, within the given range).

 a double random length pipe has an expected length twice the length of an srl pipe.


ends of pipes

for the ends of pipes are 3 standard versions available.

plain ends (pe)

threaded ends (te)

beveled ends (be)

grooved mechanical joints or grooved ends

ends of pipes


the pe pipes will generally be used for the smaller diameters pipe systems and in combination with slip on flanges and socket weld fittings and flanges.

the te implementation speaks for itself, this performance will generally used for small diameters pipe systems, and the connections will be made with threaded flanges and threaded fittings.

the be implementation is applied to all diameters of buttweld flanges or buttweld fittings, and will be directly welded (with a small gap 3-4 mm) to each other or to the pipe. ends are mostly be beveled to angle 30° (+ 5° / -0°) with a root face of 1.6 mm (± 0.8 mm).

grooved mechanical joints or grooved end pipes use a formed or machined groove at the end of the pipe to seat a gasket. a housing around the gasket is then tightened to secure the connection and ensure optimal seal and performance.the design allows for easier disassembly with a reduced risk of damaging piping components.

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SAWH Pipe,API Line Pipe,Heat exchanger tubes
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