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Processing requirements for plastic-coated steel pipes


plastic-coated composite steel pipes usually refer to double-sided plastic-coated pipes, also known as plastic-coated steel pipes on the outside and inside. for composite steel pipes, the early de-rusting technology plays a vital role in the quality of the finished pipe. therefore, the selection of new steel pipes does not require galvanizing, but to remove the rust, a small number of rust spots in the pipe also need to be removed. and to get rid of it. meet the requirements of rust removal st2 or electric rust removal sa1. to remove the oil stain on the surface of the steel pipe, you can use acetone to clean the surface.

the wide range of applications of plastic-coated steel pipes has brought them a lot of room for development. with the increasing demand for plastic-coated steel pipes, a new era of plastic-coated steel pipes is coming. with the continuous strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the plastic-coated steel pipe industry has ushered in a new era. in the new high-speed development stage, plastic-coated steel pipes are high-quality products that are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, anti-corrosion, and flame-retardant.

it is recommended to reserve a 150mm long light pipe at the interface of the plastic-coated steel pipe when welding the plastic-coated steel pipe (mainly to prevent corrosion between processes and to apply a high-temperature anti-rust primer) so that it will not burn out during welding plastic film. after the welding is completed, if the quality is qualified, the welding joint and the reserved 300mm pipe end can be treated with anticorrosion by using the plastic bag wrapping method, the shrinkage tape wrapping method, or the flame spraying method.

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Carbon Steel Line Pipe,Tubing Coupling,Assembled Fitting
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