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Seamless steel pipe production line is mainly cooling bed type


the mainly cooling bed type for seamless steel pipe production line are single chain cooling bed, double chain cooling bed, new chain cooling bed, step rack-type cooling bed, screw cooling bed.

1.single chain cooling bed

single cooling bed usually  use climbing structure.cooling bed is composed of positive transport links and a fixed guide rail, which has a set of drive system.steel pipe is placed in positive transport chain between two dial the catch, which make the guide fixed to bear the weight of the steel pipe body.single cooling bed by using dial jaw thrust forward transportation chain and fixing guide rail friction steel pipe to produce rotary motion, and  this depends on the weight of steel pipe and lift angle at the same time, the steel tube is always close to transport the dial claw chain to achieve  steel tube spinning smoothly.


2. double chain cooling bed

double chain cooling bed is composed of forward transport links and  reverse transportation chain,both of the chain has a transmission system respectively. steel tube placed in positive transport chain between the two dials.the reverse chain bear the weight of the steel pipe body.double chain cooling bed using the thrust of positive transport chain claw to pull steel pipe running forward,which can make use of the friction of the reverse chain steel tube to produce continuous rotary motion. the motion of the reverse chain steel tube is always against the forward transportation chain dial claw, which devoting to smoothly rotation and uniformly cooling.


3. new chain cooling bed

combining the characteristics of single chain cooling bed and double cooling bed, cooling bed is divided into uphill and downhill.uphill section is called double chain structure which composed of forward transport links and reverse transportation chain.these work together to make steel tube continuous rotating, climbing movement.downhill section is single structure which composed of  positive transport chain and steel tube guide rail parallel arrangement the downhill depends on the weight of rotating to achieve landslide movement.


4.step rack-type cooling bed

the surface of step rack-type cooling bed is composed of two groups of racks, the static rack is assembled on the fixed beam, another called moving rack which is  assembled on the moving beam.

when rise the agency , the moving  rack will rise steel tube, because of the tilt angle, steel pipe rolling along the tooth profile.after moving gear up to the highest position, stepping agency makes the moving rack in cooling bed output direction with an interval. lifting mechanism drives rack down and puts rack tooth slot of the settled, the steel tube pole along the fixed rack tooth profile rolling again,by moving rack back to the initial position, which completes a working cycle.


5.screw cooling bed

screw type cooling bed contains the main gear, screw, and fixed cooling bed. screw composed of screw rod core and the screw helix. fixed cooling bench face is above screw rod core and below screw line.main transmission device drives the screw synchronous rotating, the spiral line on the screw drivie steel pipe rolling forward in fixed cooling on the bench, for cooling.


single cooling bed is not suitable for discontinuous operation.double chain of cooling bed effect is good and the effect of new type of chain cooling bed is good for step rack-type cooling bed and the cost is low.and general use on the production line of large or configuration is higher, screw type cooling bed are used for cooling small diameter steel pipe.

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HFW Pipe,Alloy Pressure Pipe,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe
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