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There are several ways to connect coated steel pipes


the coated steel pipe is processed by coating plastic on the inner wall with powder fusion spraying technology. its substrate is a hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, which has excellent performance and will not have problems of embrittlement and aging. due to the matrix factor of the coated steel pipe with stable quality, the coated steel pipe is generally connected by the following connection methods.

how many connection methods are there for coated steel pipes?

the first type is socket connection.
the coated steel pipe using the socket connection method is a newly developed product, which is suitable for the connection of coated steel pipes with specified diameters. compared with other connection methods of steel-plastic pipes, the socket connection has the following advantages: the entire pipeline system becomes a flexible pipeline system, which effectively solves the problems of earthquake resistance, shock absorption, and uneven subsidence of structures and pipeline foundations; thermal expansion and contraction of pipelines; less maintenance workload, simple maintenance methods, etc.

the second type is electric welding hot melt double connection.
the double-connected coated steel pipe adopts the connection method of the socket and electric welding, so it is also called a double-connected pipe. this kind of connection is reliable and sealed, which ensures the safety of transporting strong corrosive media such as geothermal, acid, alkali, and salt. require. the use of an electric welding connection is more suitable for the construction specification of buried pipeline installation, which also expands the application field of coated steel pipes, so it is well received by designers and users.

the third type is groove connection.
the groove connection method applies to the connection of coated steel pipes within a certain range of nominal diameters. the working pressure of the grooved pipe joint should match the working pressure of the pipeline, and the outer end of the pipe in contact with the rubber sealing ring should be flat and smooth, and there should be no burrs that scratch the rubber ring or affect the seal. grooved connection pipes do not need to consider compensation for thermal expansion and contraction.

the above points are some of the connection methods of coated steel pipes, and of course, there are many other connection methods to choose from. it is the various connection methods of reliable coated steel pipes, and compared with galvanized pipes, it has the advantages of anti-corrosion, not easy to rust, not easy to accumulate scale, smooth and smooth pipes, clean and non-toxic, and long service life. clad steel pipes are widely used.

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Bridge Slot Screen,SS SMLS Pipe,FBE Coated Pipe
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