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Coated steel pipe and large diameter steel pipe details


the coated steel pipe is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the substrate, and the inner wall (the outer wall can also be used if necessary) is coated with plastic by powder fusion spraying technology, with excellent performance. compared with galvanized pipe, it has the advantages of anti-corrosion, no rust, no fouling, smooth and smooth, clean and non-toxic, and long service life. according to tests, the service life of coated steel pipes is more than three times that of galvanized pipes. compared with plastic pipes, it has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance, and heat resistance. since the substrate is a steel pipe, there is no problem of embrittlement or aging. it can be widely used in fluid transportation and heating projects such as tap water, gas, and chemical products. it is an upgraded product of galvanized pipes. because its installation and use method is the same as that of traditional galvanized pipes, and the form of pipe fittings is also the same, and it can replace aluminum-plastic composite pipes to play a role in large-diameter tap water transportation. it is very popular among users and has become the most competitive in the pipeline market. one of the new products.

coated steel pipes are formed by coating plastic based on large-diameter spiral welded pipes and high-frequency welded pipes. resin (epozy) and other plastic coatings with different properties, good adhesion, strong corrosion resistance, strong acid, alkali, and other chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non-rusting, wear-resistant, impact resistance, strong permeability resistance, the surface of the pipeline is smooth and does not adhere to any substance, which can reduce the resistance during transportation, improve the flow rate and transportation efficiency, and reduce the loss of transportation pressure. there is no solvent and no excludable substances in the coating, so it will not pollute the conveyed medium, thereby ensuring the purity and hygiene of the fluid. it can be used alternately in cold and hot cycles in the range of -40°c to +80°c, without aging, it does not crack, so it can be used in harsh environments such as cold regions. large-diameter coated steel pipes are widely used in tap water, natural gas, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, communication, electric power, marine, and other engineering fields.

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Slotted liner,Threaded Tee,Expansion Joints
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