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What is the difference between fire-fighting inner and outer epoxy resin steel pipes and inner and outer plastic coated steel pipes


what they have in common is that they all belong to inner and outer plastic coated steel pipes, but fire-fighting plastic coated steel pipes are only one category of inner and outer plastic coated steel pipes.

we are already familiar with the plastic-coated composite steel pipe inside and outside. with the increase of national promotion, more and more people use this kind of pipe. in recent years, we can see that the country has invested more and more in the field of environmental protection. whether it is the shutdown of heavily polluting enterprises in the past or the recent environmental protection incidents, it is enough to show the country’s determination to promote environmental protection products. as a new type of environmental protection pipe, plastic-coated steel pipe inside and outside is used in line with the national development policy. the thermal rotation process is used to melt the environmental protection coating onto the steel pipe to form a protective film with a thickness of 0.3mm~0.5mm. a kind of plastic-coated steel pipe that combines the excellent physical properties of steel pipe with the excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance of polyethylene and epoxy resin.

the main difference between fire-fighting epoxy resin pipes inside and outside and plastic-coated composite steel pipes inside and outside is the inclusion relationship. plastic-coated steel pipes include plastic-coated steel pipes for fire protection, plastic-coated composite pipes for water supply, and plastic-coated cable protection steel pipes. the difference in the appearance of different functional pipes is mainly reflected in the color, blue for water supply, orange for fire protection, and black for cable pipes, and the connection methods are also slightly different.

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Assembled Fitting,SAWH Pipe,API Line Pipe
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