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What is the standard for the coating of TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipe


requirements for the adhesive powder of the anti-corrosion coating of tpep anti-corrosion steel pipes: as the middle layer adhesive of tpep anti-corrosion coating, it must meet the requirements of the national standard gb/t23257 "buried steel pipeline polyethylene anti-corrosion coating". therefore, the performance index of tpep anti-corrosion adhesive powder must not meet the requirements of the national standard gb/t23257, and it has good bonding strength with the underlying epoxy coating and good fusion with the pe layer. tpep anti-corrosion adhesive powder is horse the polyvinyl adhesive is modified by anhydride grafting, the anhydride group in the molecular side chain is the curing agent of epoxy resin, which will participate in the curing reaction of epoxy powder under certain temperature conditions, and esterify with epoxy groups or the reaction forms an ester bond, so that the adhesive layer and the epoxy powder are integrated, and the bonding between the intermediate adhesive and the bottom epoxy powder belongs to chemical bonding, and the bonding strength is high. and it has good fusion bonding strength with the outer layer of polyethylene. there are many types of fbe application fields for fusion-bonded epoxy powder coatings.

the three-layer structure polyethylene of tpep anti-corrosion steel pipe adopts a fusion winding process, the inner wall adopts thermal spraying epoxy powder anti-corrosion method, and the powder is evenly coated on the inner surface of the pipe after high-temperature heating and sintering. the outer coating adopts a high-pressure extrusion winding process, which greatly improves compactness. the coating is tough and wear-resistant, with excellent impact resistance and bending resistance, which can effectively prevent mechanical damage during construction and plant roots and damage during use. damage to soil environmental stress.

the tpep anti-corrosion steel pipe is anti-corrosion inside and outside at the same time. the core technology of synchronous coating and synchronous curing of one-time film formation is realized. during the process, the steel pipe is wrapped with the inner and outer coatings, which greatly reduces the heat loss, makes full use of the latent heat in the steel pipe, and further improves thermal efficiency.

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Swage nipple,Tubing Pipe,Pipe End Cap
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