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Characteristics of mine plastic coated steel pipe


mine plastic coated steel pipe has the following characteristics:

(1) flame retardant and antistatic: the product is made of polyethylene coating for mining, and its antistatic and flame retardant components are evenly distributed on the surface and inner layer of the pipe, which meets the requirements of mt181 and is suitable for flammable and explosive underground mines. specific place.

(2) strong adhesion: after coating, bonding, and curing, the inner and outer surfaces of the plastic-coated steel pipe have an adhesion of ≥30n/10mm, and there is no damage after being impacted and torn by the falling weight.

(3) corrosion resistance, not easy to scale, and small fluid resistance: the pipe has strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for high-sulfur water quality and water containing calcium and magnesium ions in underground coal mines. due to its high surface finish and small fluid resistance, it will not adhere to scale, which can reduce secondary pollution.

(4) high-pressure bearing: polyethylene powder coating has good toughness, steel pipe has high mechanical strength, and has a strong ability to withstand external influences such as impact and bending.

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Carbon Steel Line Pipe,Tubing Coupling,Assembled Fitting
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