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FBE epoxy powder anti-corrosion coated steel pipe


fbe epoxy powder anti-corrosion structure: uses an electrostatic spraying process to coat epoxy powder on the surface of the steel pipe to form a film at one time. the coating has the advantages of simple coating operation, no pollution, good impact resistance, and bending resistance, high-temperature resistance, and the like.

2pe/3pe anti-corrosion 2pe/3pe anti-corrosion structure: epoxy powder is electrostatically sprayed on the surface of the steel pipe and the adhesive is wound sideways, and the polyethylene anti-corrosion layer is wound sideways. combining the excellent properties of the three, the overall quality of the anti-corrosion pipeline is significantly improved. it is resistant to chemical corrosion, cathodic dis-banding, and mechanical damage.

epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosion structure: the anticorrosion coating made of epoxy resin + coal tar pitch + filler is coated with glass cloth on the surface of the steel pipe to form an anticorrosion layer, which is often used for anticorrosion of the outer wall of the pipeline. the thickness is generally 0.51.0mm.

epoxy fused powder anti-corrosion fbe/2fbe service life: 40 to 50 years after the high-density polyethylene jacket anti-corrosion hdpe jacket anti-corrosion structure: made of high-density polyethylene wrapped on the outer surface of the steel pipe, with extremely high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance, it can protect the steel pipe from damage caused by external factors during transportation, installation, and use. antioxidants, uv stabilizers, and carbon black should be added to manufacture outer sleeves. the polyethylene outer casing is easy to age. if it is stored in the open air, it should be covered with tarpaulins and other materials. the stacking place should be kept away from high heat sources and fire sources. product performance and service life. epoxy powder dipping process anticorrosion epoxy powder has been applied by the electrostatic spraying process. because the epoxy powder dipping process is plagued by adhesion problems, the dipping of epoxy powder has not been promoted. in recent years, with the successful development of the special phosphating solution for epoxy powder impregnation, the difficulty of adhesion in the epoxy powder impregnation process has been overcome, and the emerging process of epoxy powder impregnation has begun to appear. epoxy powder anti-corrosion steel pipe manufacturer's products are widely used, and suitable for anti-corrosion of steel structures and mechanical equipment, various storage tanks, pipelines, and other steel materials in marine facilities, petrochemical, construction industries, and other industrial and mining enterprises. anti-corrosion steel pipes are widely used in my country's petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heat, sewage treatment, water sources, bridges, steel structures, and other pipeline engineering fields.

features: fast curing speed, short curing time, high coating efficiency, suitable for assembly line operation.
excellent mechanical and physical properties. excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt, oil, water, etc. can play a long-lasting and durable anti-corrosion effect in a large temperature range. the coating meets the technical requirements of the standard sy/t0315-97 and can/csa-z245.20-98.

construction instructions:
coating method: 40120kv high voltage electrostatic spraying.
suggested film thickness: normal grade 300400um, enhanced grade 400500um.
theoretical dosage: ordinary grade 0.420.56 kg/m2 reinforced grade 0.560.70 kg/m2
surface treatment: sandblasting or de-rusting up to sa2.5 level or above, anchor grain depth 5080um.
workpiece preheating: generally, intermediate frequency heating is used, and the temperature of the workpiece is controlled within the range of 220-240 °c, and must not exceed 260 °c.
spraying construction: adjust and adjust the workpiece to make the coating film reach the specified thickness.
quenching time: at 230, the time from spraying to quenching shall not be less than 90 s
coating cooling: cool down to below 95 for surface inspection.
repairing leaks: after detecting leaks, carry out rough treatment, and then use our company's liquid epoxy heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating slh07 to repair.
this powder-coating product is coated on the preheated workpiece and cured by using residual heat, generally, no post-baking is required. however, when the wall of the workpiece is too thin or the outside temperature is too low, additional heating and curing need to be considered.

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