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as production processes have changed and become more complicated, the choice of steel buyers has increased to meet many specific requirements in various industries.

but not all steel grades are the same. by analyzing the types of steel available from industrial pipe suppliers and understanding why some steels make excellent pipe and others do not, piping industry professionals become better buyers.

carbon steel

this steel is made by adding weak iron to carbon. carbon is the most popular chemical addition to a ferrous component in modern industry, but alloying elements of all types are widely used.

in pipeline construction, carbon steel remains the most popular steel. thanks to its strength and ease of processing, carbon steel pipe is widely used in many fields. because it contains relatively few alloying elements, carbon steel pipe is low cost at low concentrations.

carbon steel structural pipes are used in liquid transportation, oil and gas transportation, instruments, vehicles, automobiles, etc. under load,  carbon steel pipes do not bend or crack and are smoothly welded in grades a500, a53, a106, a252.

alloy steel

alloy steel consisting of specified quantities of alloying elements. in general, alloy components make steel more resistant to stress or impact. although nickel, molybdenum, chromium, silicon, manganese and copper are the most common alloying elements, many other elements are also used in steelmaking. used in manufacturing, there are countless combinations of alloys and concentrations, with each combination  designed to achieve distinct qualities.

alloy steel pipe is available in sizes approximately 1/8' to 20'  and has schedules such as s/20 to s/xxs. in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, sugar factories, etc., alloy steel pipes are also used. alloy steel pipes are improved, designed and supplied at reasonable prices according to your requirements.

stainless steel

this word is a bit ugly. there is no unique blend of iron and alloy components that make up stainless steel. instead, objects made from stainless steel will not rust.

chromium, silicon, manganese, nickel and molybdenum can be used in stainless steel alloys. to communicate with oxygen in air and water, these alloys work together to quickly form a thin but strong film on the steel to prevent further corrosion.

stainless steel pipe is the right choice for sectors where corrosion resistance is essential and  high durability is required such as ship electrical, electric poles, water treatment, pharmaceutical and oil and gas applications. available in  304/304l and 316/316l. the former is highly rust-resistant and durable, while the 314 l type has a low carbon content  and is weldable.

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Stainless Steel Welded Pipe,EFW Pipe,Continuous Slot Well Screen
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