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Application of polyethylene coated steel pipe in electric power


polyethylene plastic-coated steel pipe is a steel-plastic composite pipe made by processing the steel pipe through special technology, and coating a special polyethylene-plastic powder material on the inside and outside of the steel pipe. due to the combination of antistatic, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, and other polyethylene characteristics with the steel pipe's strength, it perfectly shows the exact characteristics of steel and plastic. it belongs to the energy-saving and environmental protection products that are mainly promoted and used by the country. with the development of the electric power industry, the information industry, and the national economy, environmental protection issues have gradually attracted everyone's attention. cables into the ground have been promoted on a large scale in the construction and transformation of urban power grids, making cable protection pipes more and more widely used. , the use of pipe laying, simple construction, low investment, and convenient maintenance. the use of cable maintenance pipes is not only conducive to the improvement of city appearance, traffic, and environment but also can prevent the mutual influence between cables and the influence of other underground pipelines on cables. greatly reduces cable failures caused by external force damage and prolongs the service life of cables. at present, there are many types of cable protection tubes with different functions. in summary, there are mainly the following categories: metal materials, such as plastic-coated steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, cast iron pipes, seamless steel pipes, etc.; glass steel pipes; plastic pipes. among them, plastic-coated steel pipes combine the lengths of steel pipes and plastic pipes and are the best products for cable protection pipes.

polyethylene plastic-coated steel pipe is lubricated smoothly inside, has strong chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, has excellent mechanical properties and outstanding electrical insulation, strong adhesion, heat resistance, fire resistance, and good heat dissipation performance. together with the two-layer advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe are widely used in electric power, municipal administration, communication, transportation, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, and other industries. plastic-coated steel pipes are the same as steel pipes. for communication single-core power cables, electromagnetic induction will eddy currents occur in the steel pipe, which affects the operation of the cable, so it is required that "communicating single-core cables must not be worn alone in the steel pipe".

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3LPE Coated Pipe,HFW Pipe,Alloy Pressure Pipe
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