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Manufacturers of large-caliber plastic-coated steel pipes inside and outside


plastic-coated steel pipe is suitable for the working environment of -30°c-120°c. compared with other metal pipes, plastic pipes, and composite pipes, it combines the characteristics of various pipes. it has both the strength of steel pipes and the corrosion resistance of plastic pipes. , wear resistance, small fluid resistance, etc., it is a green pipeline with high safety and health strength and good bonding strength. feisu brand plastic-coated steel pipes are widely used in high-rise building water supply and drainage, fire sprinklers, hvac, cable internal and external anti-corrosion, natural gas, heat-resistant anti-corrosion of hot and cold circulating water pipelines, seawater circulation systems, industrial systems, circulating water systems, deionization pure water system, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion system, anti-scaling anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion system, internal and external anti-corrosion system, cable sheath, fire sprinkler system, thermal insulation, and anti-corrosion system, chemical heavy-duty anti-corrosion system, etc.

manufacturers of large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes inside and outside: hot-dip plastic-steel cable protection pipes are new types of pipes that have been successfully researched and developed based on the introduction of japanese coated plastic steel pipe production technology and equipment. this product adopts the flow dipping method to evenly and firmly coat the low-density polyethylene powder on the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe. it combines the advantages of steel pipes and polyethylene pipes, greatly enhances the mechanical strength and anti-corrosion performance, and is ideal. cable protection sleeve. this product has good electrical insulation, no need to worry about electric corrosion, it can be used for a long time in the range of low temperature -40° and high temperature 80°, and the bonding force between the coating and the blank tube is strong, and it will not peel off when it is subjected to external pressure phenomenon. polyethylene has good extensibility and can be bent at room temperature. the product has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, high mechanical performance, weather resistance, excellent insulation performance, smooth surface, small friction coefficient, and convenient construction.

epoxy coal tar pitch steel pipe anti-corrosion (three-cloth and two-oil steel pipe anti-corrosion): the coating made of epoxy resin + coal tar pitch + filler is coated on the surface of the steel pipe with glass cloth as a reinforced anti-corrosion layer, with a thickness of 0.5-1.0mm. three cloths, two oils, four cloths, two oils, etc. can be customized according to the customers

epoxy coal tar pitch steel pipe anti-corrosion (three cloth and two oil steel pipe anti-corrosion) product features: the coating film is tough and plump, with strong adhesion, excellent chemical medium corrosion resistance, outstanding water resistance, and anti-microbial erosion.

epoxy coal tar pitch steel pipe anti-corrosion (three-cloth and two-oil steel pipe anti-corrosion) anti-corrosion layer structure: pipe epoxy coal tar pitch anti-corrosion is a two-component normal temperature curing type coating, which is made of glass cloth as a reinforced coating on the steel pipe surface.

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hex nipple,API Tubing Well Tubing,SSAW Pipe
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