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3LPP Coated Pipe
3LPP Coated Pipe,Seamless Structural Pipe,Low Temperature Pipe,High Temperature Alloy Steel Tube
Premium Screen,Seamless Line Pipe,Slotted Casing

3LPP Coated Pipe


3LPP Coated Pipe


Used for natural gas, petroleum, water & sewage, and pipe systems






Plain End/Bevelled End, Burr Removed

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3-Layer Polypropylene (3LPP) is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components; a high performance Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) primer, followed by a copolymer adhesive, and an outer layer of polypropylene which provides one of the toughest, most durable pipe coating solutions available. 3LPP systems provide excellent pipeline protection for small and large diameter pipelines at up to high operating temperatures.

Polypropylene is a perfect material, displaying high mechanical and thermal resistance.

Polypropylene hardness reaches 64 points in the Shore “D” scale, which is more than polyethylene. Moreover, polypropylene yielded higher results in the case of destructive tests carried out in low temperatures (in comparison to polyethylene), e.g. resistance to the environmental stress corrosion – ESCR (>3000 h for polypropylene and > 1000 h for polyethylene).


Polypropylene is resistant to UV radiation (contains UV stabilisers) and displays high thermal resistance as it is intended to be used in high temperatures (polyethylene in max. 60° C and 80°, whereas polypropylene operation temperature reaches 100°C and 110°C).

3LPP coating protects steel pipes efficiently against mechanical damage.


3LPP coating displays extremely good performance in the following areas:

adhesion of to steel pipe surface,

resistance to impacts,

resistance to abrasion,

resistance to penetration force,

hardness and stiffness,

unit grounding resistance of the gas main.


3LPP Pipe Coating is used for construction of long distance pipelines for combustible liquids and gases, nuclear station pipelines, heating system pipelines, general-purpose pipelines, vessels, mechanical engineering and instrumental engineering.

Power Plants
Ship Building
Heat Exchangers
Paper & Pulp
Marine Applications
Nuclear Power
Fossil Fuel Power Plants

DIN 30678-2013 Polypropylene coatings on steel pipes and Fittings

ISO 21809-1:2011 Petroleum and natural gas industries -- External coatings for buried or submerged pipelines used in pipeline transportation systems -- Part 1: Polyolefin coatings (3-layer PE and 3-layer PP)

NFA 49-711 External Coating with Three Polyproplene Layers Coating, Application by Extrusion

SHELL DEP External Polyethylene and Polypropylene Coating for Line Pipe

Process Flowchart of 3LPP Coating

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Premium Screen,Seamless Line Pipe,Slotted Casing
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